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Plugin Mod

A plugin mod is a type of Warudo mod that adds custom assets and nodes to Warudo.


Check out our Creating Your First Plugin Mod tutorial to get started with creating a plugin mod!


This page discusses the general guidelines for creating a plugin mod. Please also refer to the Plugins scripting API page.

Environment Setup

A plugin mod is just a regular mod that contains a C# script that inherits from Plugin. You can create a new mod by following the Creating Your First Mod tutorial. Then, create a new C# script in the mod folder and inherit from Plugin. If you have any custom asset or node types, make sure they are registered in the AssetTypes and NodeTypes properties of the [PluginType] attribute (see Plugin API).

Including Unity Assets

You can include Unity assets (e.g., prefabs, materials, textures) in your plugin mod by placing them in the mod folder. Warudo will automatically include these assets when exporting the mod.


If your prefabs or materials use custom shaders or scripts, make sure to include those shaders or scripts in the mod folder as well.

Then, you can load these assets in scripts during runtime. See Loading Unity Assets for more information.


Plugin mods have the following limitations:

  • You cannot use third-party DLLs or NuGet packages.
  • You cannot export C# scripts that are part of an assembly, i.e., you cannot have any .asmdef files in your mod folder.
  • You cannot use reflection (System.Reflection) or access the file system (System.IO).


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