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Particle Mod

A particle mod is usually a particle system that can be used in nodes such as Spawn Particle.


Step 1: Prepare Model

Place your particle GameObject in the scene, then adjust it to the desired position and rotation. Right click and select Create Empty Parent to create an empty GameObject as the root of the prop.

Enter Play Mode and move the parent GameObject around; make sure the particle system is emitting particles as expected. If not, you may need to adjust the particle system's settings, such as setting Simulation Space to Local instead of World.

Step 2: Create Prefab

Select the root particle GameObject and drag it to the mod folder to create a prefab. Name the prefab "Particle" and make sure it is placed in the mod folder (can be placed in any subfolder).

Step 4: Export Mod

Select Warudo → Build Mod and make sure the generated .warudo file is put into the Particles data folder.


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