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Global Events

Warudo contains a EventBus class that allows you to subscribe to and broadcast global events. To define a custom event class, inherit from the Warudo.Core.Events.Event class. For example:

public class MyEvent : Event {
public string Message { get; }
public MyEvent(string message) {
Message = message;

To subscribe (listen) to an event:

Context.EventBus.Subscribe<MyEvent>(e => {

To broadcast (fire) an event:

Context.EventBus.Broadcast(new MyEvent("Hello, world!"));

You should unsubscribe from events when you no longer need to listen to them:

var subscriptionId = Context.EventBus.Subscribe<MyEvent>(e => {
// Later

Subscribing Events In Entities

If you are writing code inside an entity type, you can use the Subscribe method directly to avoid handling event subscription IDs:

// Inside an entity type, i.e., asset, node, plugin, structured data
Subscribe<MyEvent>(e => {

The events are automatically unsubscribed when the entity is destroyed.


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