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Live2D Eye Wiggle


As of Warudo 0.12.3, this blueprint is no longer needed; it is recommended to set up eye wiggle with the pendulum physics editor instead. See Pendulum Physics for more information.

Eye wiggle is a common effect in Live2D models to make the character's eyes look more lively. This blueprint allows you to add this popular effect to your 3D model!

Live2D-like eye wiggle physics!


To add wiggly eyes to your 3D model, you need to prepare blendshapes that separate the eye highlights from the eye pupil, like these:


If you have a VRoid model, you can use the blendshape data created by 頼鳥ミドリ (@yoridrill) which can be added to your model with HANA_Tool. Please refer to this blog post.

This blueprint assumes you have the following six blendshapes:

  • highlight_down_left: Left eye highlight translating downwards
  • highlight_down_right: Right eye highlight translating downwards
  • highlight_rotate_left: Left eye highlight rotating counterclockwise
  • highlight_rotate_right: Right eye highlight rotating clockwise
  • highlight_scale_left: Left eye highlight enlarging
  • highlight_scale_right: Right eye highlight enlarging

If your blendshapes have different names, you can modify the blueprint accordingly.

Finally, you should have already set up face tracking for your character.


Download the blueprint below and import it into your scene.


Follow the instructions on the Comment nodes to set up this blueprint.


If you have created another character asset, you may need to update the Character option on the nodes.


The "Float Pendulum Physics" node works on the same principle as the physics simulation of Live2D. By specifying a multi-segment pendulum (as shown below), the X coordinate of the topmost node of the pendulum is used as the input value, and the X coordinate of the bottommost node of the pendulum is used as the output value. The Arms option determines the length and physical properties of each segment of the pendulum.


You can preview the pendulum physics by setting Visualize to Yes:

This blueprint only implements the movement of one layer of highlights; however, multiple Float Pendulum Physics nodes and more layers of highlight blendshapes can be used to produce a more sophisticated eye wiggle effect.


Keep in mind that the "Float Pendulum Physics" node is not limited to just creating eye wiggle physics! Other physical effects seen in Live2D can be implemented in Warudo this way as well, such as arm bouncing physics.


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