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NiloToon Volume


This feature is only available in Warudo Pro. To add a NiloToon volume to the scene, you must have Universal RP enabled in Settings → URP.

The NiloToon volume adds NiloToon-specific post processing effects to the scene.

NiloToon volume disabled.

NiloToon volume enabled.

Below we provide a brief overview of the post processing effects available; please refer to the NiloToon documentation for more details.


You can click Import From Environment to import the NiloToon post processing settings from the environment (if any). Then, you can adjust the post processing settings as you like. Note that for a setting to take effect, you must enable it by checking the checkbox next to it. This allows you to selectively override the NiloToon post processing settings from the environment.


Adds an anime-style gradient to the camera view.

Anime disabled.

Anime enabled.


Bloom is a post processing effect that makes bright areas of the scene "glow." You can separately apply bloom to the character and environment with different intensity and threshold values by overriding Character Area Overrided Threshold and Character Area Overrided Intensity.

Bloom disabled.

Bloom enabled.

Character Rendering

Overrides the NiloToon rendering settings for the character so that the rendering plays nice with the current environment.

Character rendering override disabled.

Character rendering override enabled.


Overrides the NiloToon shadow settings for the character.

Shadow override disabled.

Shadow override enabled.


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