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Motion Recorder

The motion recorder allows you to record the character's animation and output an animation file in FBX, BVH, or Warudo's WANIM format.


Select the Character that you would like to record. Select a Target Frame Rate and Export Format, and click Start Recording to start recording. You can press Stop Recording to stop recording at any time.

There are 3 export formats available:

  • FBX: Export to FBX format containing both the character's skeleton and blendshape data.
  • BVH: Export to BVH format containing only the character's skeleton data.
  • WANIM: Export to Warudo's WANIM format containing the character's skeleton and blendshape data, and character expressions triggered during recording. If you only need to playback the animation in Warudo, this is the recommended format.

Note that FBX exporting is experimental and most likely will ever work correctly on VRM models, or .warudo models from a FBX file without Maya-specific features (e.g., IK, constraints, etc.).


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上次更新于 2024.06.17