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Math Expression

All supported functions

deg => x * Mathf.Rad2Deg
rad => x * Mathf.Deg2Rad
sin => Mathf.Sin
cos => Mathf.Cos
tan => Mathf.Tan
asin => Mathf.Asin
acos => Mathf.Acos
atan => Mathf.Atan
atan2 => Mathf.Atan2
noise => Mathf.PerlinNoise
sqrt => Mathf.Sqrt
abs => Mathf.Abs(float)
min => Mathf.Min(float, float)
max => Mathf.Max(float, float)
pow => Mathf.Pow(float, float)
exp => Mathf.Exp
log => Mathf.Log(float, float)
ln => Mathf.Log(float)
log10 => Mathf.Log10
ceil => Mathf.Ceil
floor => Mathf.Floor
round => Mathf.Round
sign => Mathf.Sign
clamp => Mathf.Clamp(float, float, float)
clamp01 => Mathf.Clamp01
lerp => Mathf.Lerp(float, float, float)
ulerp => Mathf.LerpUnclamped(float, float, float)
alerp => Mathf.LerpAngle(float, float, float)
smoothstep => Mathf.SmoothStep(float, float, float)
repeat => Mathf.Repeat(float, float)
pingpong => Mathf.PingPong(float, float)
ilerp => Mathf.InverseLerp(float, float, float)
rand => Random.Range(float, float)
randint => Random.Range(int, int)

Detail Tables

Unary Functions

FunctionUnity CodeDescription
sqrt(x)Mathf.Sqrt(x)Returns the square root of x.
abs(x)Mathf.Abs(x)Returns the absolute value of x.
ceil(x)Mathf.Ceil(x)Returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to x.
floor(x)Mathf.Floor(x)Returns the largest integer less than or equal to x.
round(x)Mathf.Round(x)Rounds x to the nearest integer by Banker's Rounding.
sign(x)Mathf.Sign(x)Returns the sign (±1.0) of x.

Trigonometric Functions

FunctionUnity CodeDescription
deg(x)x * Mathf.Rad2DegConverts an angle from radians to degrees.
rad(x)x * Mathf.Deg2RadConverts an angle from degrees to radians.
sin(x)Mathf.Sin(x)Returns the sine of an angle x given in radians.
cos(x)Mathf.Cos(x)Returns the cosine of an angle x given in radians.
tan(x)Mathf.Tan(x)Returns the tangent of an angle x given in radians.
asin(x)Mathf.Asin(x)Returns the arc sine of x in radians.
acos(x)Mathf.Acos(x)Returns the arc cosine of x in radians.
atan(x)Mathf.Atan(x)Returns the arc tangent of x in radians.
atan2(x, y)Mathf.Atan2(x, y)Returns the angle between v1=(0,1) and v2=(x,y) in radians.

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

FunctionUnity CodeDescription
pow(x, y)Mathf.Pow(x, y)Returns x raised to the power of y.
exp(x)Mathf.Exp(x)Returns e raised to the power of x.
log(x, y)Mathf.Log(x, y)Returns the logarithm of x in base y.
ln(x)Mathf.Log(x)Returns the natural logarithm (base e) of x.
log10(x)Mathf.Log10(x)Returns the base 10 logarithm of x.

Interpolation Functions

FunctionUnity CodeDescription
lerp(x, y, t)Mathf.Lerp(x, y, t)Linearly interpolates between x and y by t.
ulerp(x, y, t)Mathf.LerpUnclamped(x, y, t)Linearly interpolates between x and y by t without clamping the interpolant.
alerp(x, y, t)Mathf.LerpAngle(x, y, t)Interpolates between angles x and y by t.
smoothstep(x, y, t)Mathf.SmoothStep(x, y, t)Interpolates smoothly between x and y at t.

Other Functions

FunctionUnity CodeDescription
min(x, y)Mathf.Min(x, y)Returns the smaller of two values.
max(x, y)Mathf.Max(x, y)Returns the larger of two values.
noise(x, y)Mathf.PerlinNoise(x, y)Generates Perlin noise for given coordinates x and y.
clamp(x, min, max)Mathf.Clamp(x, min, max)Clamps a value x to the range [min, max].
clamp01(x)Mathf.Clamp01(x)Clamps a value x to the range [0, 1].
repeat(t, length)Mathf.Repeat(t, length)Repeats t so that it's never larger than length and never smaller than 0.
pingpong(t, length)Mathf.PingPong(t, length)Ping-pongs the value t so it's never larger than length and never less than 0.
ilerp(from, to, t)Mathf.InverseLerp(from, to, t)Calculates the linear parameter t that produces the interpolant value within the range [from, to].
rand(min, max)Random.Range(min, max)Returns a random float number between min (inclusive) and max (inclusive).
randint(min, max)Random.Range(min, max)Returns a random integer number between min (inclusive) and max (exclusive).




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