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A prop is a 3D model that can be placed freely within a scene or attached to a character as an accessory. Besides the built-in models, external models can be exported as .warudo format using the Mod SDK and then loaded into Warudo.

Cat paws

The rose and fingertip particle effect are achieved using prop assets and character attachment settings.

Steam Workshop

In addition to the built-in props, you can download official and community props from Warudo's Steam Workshop. Click on the Discover tab and select the Props category:

Browsing props from the Steam Workshop.


To set up a prop, simply select a Source as the model for the prop. Then, use the transform gizmos to move/rotate/scale the prop, so that it is in the desired position.

The Christmas tree, Christmas hat, and electric piano here are all props.

Transform Attachment

You can use the Transform Attachment settings to attach the prop to a character or other scene objects. This is useful for props that are held by the character, such as a sword or a microphone. When attached to a character's hand, you can also specify an Override Hand Pose, so that the character can tightly grip a sword, for example.

The katana prop is attached to the character's hand with Override Hand Pose set to Grab.

If you would like to attach the prop to a non-standard human body bone (e.g. the tail bone of your character), you can use the Transform Path for the Attachment Type option. This allows you to attach the prop to any transform in the model's hierarchy.

Collision Detection

By default, the colliders on the prop are disabled. You can enable Collision Detection to enable the colliders, which is useful when you have Character → Ragdoll enabled.


Please note that not all built-in props have colliders.


Similar to the character asset, you can adjust Default BlendShapes, Default Material Properties, and toggle Meshes for the prop asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I throw a prop at my character when my stream viewers redeems a Twitch channel point reward / sends a Super Chat / ...?

Please use Onboarding Assistant → Interactions Setup → Get Started to set up interactions. During the setup process, you will have the option to specify the conditions for throwing a prop at your character, along with other fun interactions.

Note that the "prop" thrown by the Throw Prop At Character node in the interactions blueprint is a temporary object; it is not a prop asset. A prop asset is a persistent model in the scene, and it does not have a physics body.


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Last updated on 2024.07.11