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Assets are the building blocks of Warudo. They are the components that make up your scene. For example, a character is an asset, a prop is an asset, and a camera is also an asset. Assets can be referenced in blueprints to add further functionality to your scene.


In the Assets tab, you can see a list of all assets in your scene. Once you select an asset, you can see its properties in the right panel.


The toolbar has the following buttons:

  • Add Asset: Add a new asset to the scene.
  • Remove Asset: Remove the selected asset from the scene.
  • Duplicate Asset: Duplicate the selected asset.
  • Rename Asset: Rename the selected asset.
  • Create Group: Create group to organize asset. You can drag asset to manage the group.
  • Import Asset: Import an asset from a JSON string and add it to the scene.
  • Import Into Selected Asset: Import an asset from a JSON string and merge it into the selected asset.
  • Export Asset: Export the selected asset to a JSON string.

You can use the import/export feature to copy assets between scenes.


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Last updated on 2024.07.11