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Introduction to Warudo

What is Warudo?

Warudo is an avatar animation software specifically designed for 3D VTuber livestreaming. Import your own environments and props, customize your avatar in-depth with blueprints, and further enhance the software capabilities via C# plugins. Feature-packed and highly flexible, Warudo is everything you need to take your 3D VTubing to the next level.

Why Warudo?

Warudo is a comprehensive, feature-packed 3D VTubing software designed for both casual and professional users. It offers support for a wide variety of motion capture systems, so you can both stream at home or at a professional mocap studio. It also offers a wide range of features, including posing your character with 500+ idle animations, integration with livestreaming platforms, a node-based visual scripting system, and many more.

Warudo is also extremely customizable. It provkides a Mod SDK for importing any Unity-compatible 3D assets, and a C# scripting SDK for those inclined to develop custom features, making it versatile for both users and developers.

Here are just a few cool examples from the Warudo community:

Is Warudo free?

For non-streaming activities, Warudo can be used for free. For example, testing your model, taking screenshots and posing to social media, etc.

(Streaming content pre-recorded in Warudo is considered a streaming activity.)

For streaming activities, Warudo can be used for free if and only if:

  • the copyrights of your VTuber IP (Intellectual Property) are exclusively yours, and you possess ownership of your accounts on social/livestreaming platforms;
  • there are no contractual obligations requiring you to stream for X hours per week, unless such a contract is directly in agreement with a major livestreaming platform (e.g., Twitch, YouTube).

Note that you can still own full copyrights of your VTuber IP even if you use a non-exclusive VTubing model, such as a VRChat public avatar. If you are not sure, please contact us at

I am a corporate VTuber. How can I use Warudo?

You can evaluate and test the Steam version of Warudo for as long as you like. However, if you wish to use Warudo in your streams, you or your company must purchase Warudo Pro.

I have other questions!

Please contact us at, or join our Discord.