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Custom Plugin


This page is still under development and is not completed. We are working to improve the content.



  • Example plugin
    The template of a plugin (single file) with the basic use of Plugin class.

  • WarudoPluginExamples
    The complete plugin examples (multiple files), including the Stream Deck Plugin and VMC Plugin.

    • Stream Deck Plugin: This plugin communicates with an external application (Warudo's Stream Deck plugin) via WebSocket. It demonstrates the use of the WebSocket service base class WebSocketService.
    • VMC Plugin: This plugin adds VMC as a supported motion capture method via registering a FaceTrackingTemplate and a PoseTrackingTemplate.


  • KatanaAnimations.cs
    Custom plugin to load AnimationClips from the mod folder and registers them as character animations.

  • KatanaAnimations.cs #Comment
    Built in resource types and what URI resolvers are expected to return.
    ( if you are looking to use Context.ResourceManager.ResolveResourceUri<T> )

File Structure

The recommended file structure of a plugin project is as follows:
Note that all files and folders except *Plugin.cs are optional, you can create them only when needed.


├── <PLUGIN_NAME>Plugin.cs

├── Localizations
│ └── Warudo.<PLUGIN_NAME>.json

├── Assets
│ ├── Asset1.cs
│ ├── Asset2.cs
│ └── ...

├── Nodes
│ ├── Node1.cs
│ ├── Node2.cs
│ └── ...

└── ...